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Sweet Spree is all about devotion to the sweet aspects of life whether they be food or just everyday ventures. I’m currently a student and photographer at my college, and I study English and Studio Art. In my free time I’m usually researching and experimenting with nutrition trends and cooking. I look forward to sharing all my sweet adventures on this blog!

I’m a big supporter of natural, eco-friendly and overall healthier alternatives. I’m usually inspired to create recipes out of nutritional ingredients rather than empty ones. However, I also believe in the preservation of traditional recipes crafted with best of classic ingredients. In posting and creating recipes I aim to strike a balance between natural, sustainable and traditional cuisine.

In addition to cooking, I’m am also a Reiki healer, nature lover and Netflix-binger.  I hope to share more of my adventures on the “spree” category, as they come! So take a look around my blog, comment and get to know me. And make some delicious food when you have a chance.

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– Grace